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After the events at the Imperial Center, the only thing on the mind of the Jedi Knight is seeing an old friend Greez Dritus on the planet Koboh. The journey leads him through the Forest Array. Entering the Forest Array is straightforward. It is also the first proper big location in the game.

How to leave Forest Array in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Cal Kestis will be thrown some puzzles, various navigational challenges, and all sorts of enemies. There are also precious items to loot along the way. At the highest point of the Forest Array, Cal will have an unexpected encounter. The biggest challenge that most players will face at this point is leaving the Forest Array.

If you are thinking of the possibility of heading back to Rambler’s Reach by retracing your route, well, it’ll be sad to let you know that is not possible. This walkthrough will tell you how to leave the Forest Array.

How to leave the Forest Array

How to leave Forest Array in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The unlikely encounter at the highest point of the Forest Array is an old Jedi Knight called Dagan Gera. The old Jedi knight was preserved in a bacta tank. Sadly, the old knight has become transformed by both the events that transpired before he was put in the tank and the long time in the tank. Dagan Gera now nursed hatred for the dissolved Jedi Council and all surviving Jedi.

It is going to be a tough battle but if you have mastered your mechanics, you should easily defeat Dagan Gera. After Dagan Gera leaves the area, Cal will have to return to Rambler’s Reach to check on Mantis. Returning through the way he came is not an option. Therefore, most players will feel stuck at this point.

Instead of trying to go back the way you came, head to the left and jump on the protruding beam. Follow the beam until it gets stuck. Drop down to get past the obstacle. You will find yourself in a new area where you will be able to zip down and return to Rambler’s Reach.

We advise that you explore more of Koboh to acquaint yourself with some useful creatures. You should find a nearby force echo that would grant you additional XP after you interact with it. Afterward, zip down and continue your journey.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has an unlikely fan-favorite character

The first time that fans encountered Turgle, a froggy character, was on planet Koboh. Cal will intercede to save the life of the alien from a criminal group called Bedlam Raiders. Some gamers immediately fell in love with the energy and naivety of the big frog.

While interacting with Cal, the frog sounds upbeat. However, by interacting with the force echoes found in Koboh, players will get to discover the amphibian’s deeply-rooted anxiety and self-doubt. It didn’t take long for Turgle lovers to flood social media with fan art of their newly found favorite character. Some even pledged to protect him with their life.

Turgle in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

“I am so proud to be part of Star Wars cannon after so many tears, and I am so very touched by all the fan love for this little guy,” Richard Horvitz, the voice actor for Turgle, tweeted in response to the massive affection for the amphibian character. “I am Turgle!!”.

Members of the development team also joined in the appreciation of the Turgle character. Justin Perez of Respawn Entertainment tweeted, “All of us on the dev team were pretty sure Turgle was going to be the breakout star of Jedi Survivor, and the main takeaway from today is that we were absolutely correct”.

Developers of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor clarifies the purpose of the Arachnophobia Mode

A developer that was part of the making of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has thrown more light on the controversy surrounding the Arachnophobia Mode. The popular opinion was that it will eliminate some enemies from the game.

Jordan DeVries, the UI/UX Lead for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor at Respawn Entertainment debunked the report by IGN that the Arachnophobia Mode removes spider-like enemies from the game. According to DeVries, the mode only gets rid of a few “spider-like traits” of enemies, not erasing the entire presence of the enemy.

Arachnophobia Modes are becoming increasingly popular in games. In 2022, Grounded featured the Arachnophobia Mode, allowing gamers to decide how much of spider traits they want to keep. The mode left some spiders looking like floating blobs in extreme settings. Hogwarts Legacy did a similar thing.

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