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Totally Spies! Game Announced For PC And Console

Fans of Totally Spies! cartoon series have a reason to be excited. Microids has announced that it will partner with Banijay Kids and Family to bring characters from the popular cartoon to the gaming world. The game which is expected to be launched in 2024 will be available on both PC and consoles.

I was particularly excited about the news because Totally Spies! was one of my favorite animated series growing up. There was this day I prepped to shoot the soccer ball which would have earned my team the winner. As soon as I heard the groovy intro soundtrack, I abandoned the game and ran into the house. Everyone was furious with me—but not as if I cared.

Learning that my favorite characters will be coming to the world of video games was extremely exciting. It brings back lots of childhood memories and I can’t wait to play the game. Somehow, I wish the development would be done by a big studio and turned into a triple-A game—definitely not underrating Microids.

However, seeing the name of the name of the proposed developer has made it obvious that this is likely going to be a low-budget production targeted at children below 16 years old—basically the type of games you would expect to see on Nintendo Switch. Microids released an overview of the proposed game.

“The Totally Spies! video game will offer players the opportunity to step into the shoes of the three legendary secret agents, Sam, Clover, and Alex. Together they must try and save the world from a new enemy, with a host of thrilling missions, offering innovative game mechanics.”


Warner Bros. Discovery acquired the rights of Totally Spies! season seven

Totally Spies!

Banijay Kids and Family disclosed in a press released that Warner Bros. Discovery had acquired the rights to the season 7 of Totally Spies! Microids CEO Stephane Longeard was delighted that the company will be working on Totally Spies!

“Microds is committed to faithfully and innovatively adapting well-known intellectual property (IP) and it is a real honor for us to work on the Totally Spies! license,” said Longeard in a press release. “Thanks to the skills of our studios and in-house team, we will do everything we can to offer the community a game that meets its expectations.

Deep down I really wish the developers will take a cue from Hi-Fi Rush and deliver a game that maintains the cartoony appearance but with great play mechanics. Thankfully, Totally Spies! already has great stories and gadgets, so the developers should not run out of ideas in that regard. I hope to see some of the favorite gadgets make a return in the game.

Totally Spies!

The developers have a lot of options for the game. They can take on each season and build it out into a separate game with each episode being a separate mission the gamer is supposed to beat. Alternatively, they can write a new story that will link several episodes from season 1 to 6. However, given the short development time, the former seems more likely.

Annick Bizet, Banijay Kids and Family business and strategic alliance director was hyped about the partnership with Microids.

“We are seeing great momentum building for the Totally Spies! brand ahead of the much-anticipated return of the series next year,” said Bizet. “Microid’s expertise and passion for the world of video games, makes it the perfect partner to recreate the universe for an authentic and captivating game for our fans.”

What kind of series is Totally Spies?

Totally Spies! follows the story of three teenage girls, Alex, Clover, and Sam. The Beverly Hills teenagers lead a double life as loquacious high school students and fierce secret agents for the World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP).

The girls use fancy gadgets—comparably to what is often found in 007—to assist them through top-secret missions. The series first aired in 2001. To date, a total of 156 episodes have aired including the launch of coloring books and comic books.

Cartoon Network has announced that the airing of Totally Spies! season 7 will be pushed to 2024 after it was originally scheduled to aired in 2023 (ten years after the previous season). The season 6 had 26 episodes and was aired for Canadian and French viewers back in 2013.

However, the season 5 premiered in more countries in 2008. A tweet from Cartoon News Network also said that “an official webtoon and audiobooks are in the works”.

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